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In 2007, Dr. Martin Keller cut into a dying teenager's chest in the emergency room to give him a chance at life and changed the treatment of gun injuries at St. Louis Children's Hospital. Keller arrived as director of trauma when the hospital was beginning to see more gunshot wounds than any children’s hospital in the country. Amid the chaos, he and other caregivers were tasked with making improvements to create a smoother running trauma operation. Keller's decision in the ER that day proved that the staff -- from the ground floor of the ER to the operating rooms on the sixth floor -- was going to be aggressive in its approach. Accepting patients to the age of 21 has long been the hospital’s accepted method of improving treatment and providing patients, as well as their families, with resources that address issues often related to gun injuries, whether they are intentional, accidental or self-inflicted. "Under the Gun" looks inside the emergency and operating rooms as physicians, nurses and surgeons tackle the overload and social workers strive to limit repeat gun injuries. It also examines the lives of victims and families, including a 6-year-old girl critically injured with a shotgun by her brother, a 12-year-old boy shot in the head and killed by a friend with a gun found on a bed, and a high school senior shot in the back while walking to school. 


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